About De-So-Tel Shorthairs

About De-So-Tel Shorthairs Goals & Mission

De-So-Tel Shorthairs believes in what AF's German Shorthair preaches. The health and family aspect of the dogs are our most importance. De-So-Tel Shorthairs have not started to show their dogs in the AKC Conformational Show Ring or in other AKC events. But this could change soon! So keep an eye open because you might see a De-So-Tel Shorthair in your area!

At De-So-Tel Shorthairs - We want our dogs to be healthy and happy!
Health is very important to us and we believe its key to having a great dog. No one wants a dog that is ill or in pain ever, no want wants big vet bills or unexpected issues. Our dogs are like our kids, you only want the best and that is what we strive for. We want you to grow old and happy with your shorthair!

Another important mission for De-So-Tel Shorthairs.
I want natural abilities and hunt desire to be a top on my list. The German Shorthaired Pointer was created for a reason. To be that all purpose hunting dog, from fur to feather and from water to land! Having a dog with desire and fire gives you one step above the others. I can train a dog to do what it is suppose to, but I cant teach desire and instict, that is something they have to have!

We love our dogs here at De-So-Tel Shorthairs, and we hope you will too!
AF's German Shorthaired Pointers
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