About Fellows Shorthairs

Fellows Shorthairs is located near the great Mayo Clinic near downtown Rochester Minnesota. Robert K Fellows (Bob), the founding member of Fellows Shorthairs and Co-Founder of AF's Shorthairs got his start in the early 80's. His very first german shorthaired pointer was a rescue named Smokey. Bob at this time was starting to become a popular gun dog trainer with in the area and while he was out for driving around one day. He drove past a house with what looked like to him a Kaposia German Shorthaired Pointer in a guys backyard. Bob had the great luxury of meeting Don & Betty Sandberg of Kaposia Kennels and visiting their home. Bob feel in love with the Kaposia dogs. So instantly he stopped, got out of his truck and decided to go around the house to the backyard and find out more about the dog. This is where AF's German Shorthairs started it's foundation. In the backyard was a great dog named Royal - Brirics Bold Ruler, owned by Trax's GSPs. Royal became the Foundation Sire to AF's German Shorthair. View Bob's Full Story Here

Since then, Fellows Shorthairs has grown over the years. Bob's sons Jason & Robert C Fellows got older and more envolved.

Jason, the youngest son, came on with the group earlier than his brother. He is taking a path more like Bob did when he was younger by working with the dogs hands on becoming more of a trainer than anything else. Bob who once Judged AKC Hunt test has gotten Jason on the same path. Jason is now taking dogs to AKC Hunt Test Events.

Robert C Fellows (Bobby), the oldest son, was last to join the group. Since at this time, AF's German Shorthairs was kind of in a stall period due to Bob's health scare. He decided he wanted to get back into German Shorthaired Pointers after he took some years away. He researched almost a year trying to find a new pup to bring in new blood back to the group. This is where Zeus was aquired. Zeus was purchased from Leita Estes of Shortales Kennels and from Lou & Sandy Torres of Coronet Kennels. With the extra mentoring from Leita, Lou and Sandy - Bobby has learned more about the AKC Conformation Show Ring and also things that were different from what his father knew. Leita, Lou, and Sandy are a big influence on who Bobby is today. He still has his old roots from home but he also has new resources who he can trust. After a couple years, Bobby is now poised to take lead postion of AF's German Shorthairs, to help make sure the group who has made it 30 years makes it another 30 years! Bobby is that guy who does all of the groups research. He spends hours looking up history of the breed, pedigrees, pictures and now going to AKC events for Show to Field.
About Fellows Shorthairs Goals & Mission

Fellows believes in what AF's German Shorthair preaches. The health and family aspect of the dogs are our most importance. Fellows Shorthairs are now showing their dogs in the AKC Conformational Show Ring and in other AKC events. So keep an eye open because you might see a Fellows Shorthair in your area!

At Fellows Shorthairs - We want our dogs to be healthy and happy!
Health is very important to us and we believe its key to having a great dog. No one wants a dog that is ill or in pain ever, no want wants big vet bills or unexpected issues. Our dogs are like our kids, you only want the best and that is what we strive for. We want you to grow old and happy with your shorthair!

Another important mission for Fellows Shorthairs.
I want natural abilities and hunt desire to be a top on my list. The German Shorthaired Pointer was created for a reason. To be that all purpose hunting dog, from fur to feather and from water to land! Having a dog with desire and fire gives you one step above the others. I can train a dog to do what it is suppose to, but I cant teach desire and instict, that is something they have to have!

Also with Fellows Shorthairs,
With a Fellows Shorthair or any of the groups Shorthairs, we strive for details. We want you to remember you have a great dog. That ONCE in a LIFETIME dog! Health, Personality, Conformation, Natural Abilities, and just trying to improve from generation to generation to create that better dog is our goal! With each breeding we try to improve something from before! There is no such thing as perfect but so help us we wont stop til we are as close as we can get.

The German Shorthaired Pointer History, Developement and Notes

The purpose of creating the German Shorthaired Pointer, was due to a need in Germany for a single all-purpose dog to replace the larger teams of dogs. Before it was Pointers, Retrievers and Spaniels who were required to accomplish the hunting variety.
When trying to create this ideal dog to replace the teams, their idea was for the dog to be capable of finding, pointing, tracking, killing, retrieving of game and protection the property.
In the construction of the German Shorthaired Pointers, the germans used the Old Spanish Pointer, Schweisshund and other continental pointing or retrieving breeds. Eventually outcrossing with the English Pointer and years of selective breeding created the modern day GSPs. They were never meant to be as fast nor as flashy as the Pointer. Nor was the GSP meant to fully replace all the other working breeds but rather to perform all requirements in connection with hunting activities.
While the GSP was designed to be a practical, functional gundog, it was to be without concession to cosmetic appeals. The "Form follows Function" giving you a "What you see is what you get" type of breed. The breed was carefully developed to do a certain need. They were to trail, scent, track, point and retrieve any game from fur to feather and from land or water. GSPs need to be strong, fairly fast, with good endurance. The dogs must show willingness, sound tempermant and natural hunting insticts.
When looking at a German Shorthaired Pointer, they should look Noble and Balanced overall. They should be confident with indication of strength and speed like that of an athlete. When glancing at the GSP you should notice from all of their details that they are proud and well sound. This can be spotted from a well carried tail to animated and intelligent expressions. A Typical German Shorthaired Pointer is not a showy nor flashy dog, the first and upmost important feature is to be FUNCTIONAL!
The temperament of any GSP should be Proud and Sound. Bad Temperament, either shyness to aggressiveness, is an absolute fault and should not have a place in the breed.
A lot of people have lost track of the true meaning of the German Shorthaired Pointer, which is THE PURPOSE. For example in such a breed that is required to do work, the GSP must have good feet. Good feet are round, tight, close knit, well arched toes, thick heavy pads, and short strong nails. They should look very high stacked and chisled. Without good feet the rest of the dog is useless. For example open toes and flat feet wouldnt be able to last a few minutes in certain fields with stubble or any kind of rough ground.
A great little detail to your GSP, you might not of known. The "Tail" usually tells you all! With a sound dog in temperament, a typical GSP will have a well carried tail never tucked. When meeting a friendly stranger the tail should be erect and wagging. Out in the field the tail doesn't stop there. After getting to know your dog, you will understand that the tail will tell you if he/she is on a trail or if they are on hot fresh scent. Of course with the name comes the true meaning - The point. The GSPs tail is your guide to reading your dog!

We love our dogs here at Fellows Shorthairs, and we hope you will too!
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