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Bob's Dog Training 
​Sporting Dog & Gun Dog Hunting Training

Bob Sr. will start doing 1 on 1 or group sessions. $50 per session for 1 to 2 hours depending on what step is being learned.

Basic Command Training
*Whoa Training
*Table Training
*Field Control
Etc Etc

Intermediate Training
*Bird Work
*Gun Work
*Pointing, Flushing
Etc Etc

Advanced Training
Etc Etc

Each Session will consist of 
1/3rd Previous session refreshment

1/3rd Demonstrating and teaching new goal

1/3rd Letting you get a grasp on new goal with Bob making sure you are doing it right before you go home
If you are looking for other training 
like Puppy Training, please check out these other trainers.

1. Paws Abilities Dog Training

2. Canine Trainers LLC

3. Good Dog Camp

4. Breutzman's College for Canines
You can schedule a session directly with Bob Sr at 507-993-4266 or call the shop at 507-635-3398